Burscough & Lathom Mens Bowling League

Steve Rimmer Memorial Shield Results 2018

Finals held at Longton VM Sports & Social Club No.2 Green on Friday 5th October

Last 8

Roy Webster (Banks St Stephens) 21 V 15 Tim Slinger (Longton VM)
Mark Wilde (Hesketh Arms) 21 V 18 John Ashcroft (Crossens)
Andy Draper (Fleetwood Hesketh) 21 V 09 Bill Roddan (Zetland)
Matty Greenwood (Mere Brow) 21 V 10 Duncan Crabtree (Longton VM)


Semi-Finalists - Each losing player receives 15

Roy Webster (Banks St Stephens) 21 V 03 Mark Wilde (Hesketh Arms)
Matty Greenwood (Mere Brow) 21 V 14 Andy Draper (Fleetwood Hesketh)


Final - winning player receives 75 + The Steve Rimmer Memorial Shield & losing player receives 35

Matty Greenwood (Mere Brow) 21 V 20 Roy Webster (Banks St Stephens)


On a miserable, wet & cold night on a heavy but playable Longton VM No.2 green which was in reasonable condition considering the time of year. The last 8 of the Steve Rimmer Memorial Singles competition, with players representing all 3 divisions of the league, took place in front of a good number of spectators considering the foul weather. Matty Greenwood (Mere Brow), who was both the youngest competitior as well as being the only 3rd division player ever to win this title, played brillantly all night to deservedly take this title for the first time. In the quarter & semi-finals, he easily accounted for Duncan Crabtree 21-10 & Andy Draper 21-14 playing his favourite ridge mark from the bowling hut on one side of the green to the other. Whilst two-time winner & competition favourite, Roy Webster (Banks St Stephens) had easily beaten Tim Slinger 21-15 & Mark Wilde 21-3 in his first two matches on finals night playing his favourite corner-to-corner mark from the bowling hut to the far corner. In the final, which was a fitting finale to the season & tribute to Steve Rimmer, Matty took an early advantage of 12-5 playing the opposite corner-to-corner mark that Roy had been playing. However, Roy fought back on his corner-to-corner mark to take the score to 11-12 down after 16 ends & then levelled at 14 across before Matty regained the advantage by winning the next 3 ends on his favourite ridge mark to take the score to 18-14. However, Roy fought back taking singles at the next four ends to level the scores once again at 18 across but than a couple of loose ends from Roy allowed Matty to score a couple of singles to lead 20-18 but than Roy pounced on a loose end from Matty & scored a double to tie the game at 20 across. On the final end, Roy then set a corner-to-corner length on his favourite mark but uncharacteristically played two couple of yard short bowls which allowed Matty to score the one he needed with his last bowl to secure victory & take the coveted title. During the presentation, David Taylor (Chairman) thanked Ady Hoyle (Longton VM) & his club members for running & hosting the final night, to all league members & clubs who had run & hosted the qualifying rounds, to all players & spectators for supporting this competition. He then asked Keith Robinson (President/Secretary) to present the trophy & prizemoney to all successful competitors. 


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