Burscough & Lathom Mens Bowling League

2015 League Pairs Competition Last 8

Finals at Mawdesley Bowling Club on Friday 16th October at 6-30pm (Practice from 6pm)

Last 8 - Each Losing Pair receives 12

H.Caunce & M.Greenwood Holmeswood 21 V 14 J.Hughes & F.Wright Botanic Gardens
C.Hankin & C.Moore London Hotel 21 V 13 R & S Lambert Hoole Village Hall
J.Blades & A.Draper London Hotel & Banks St Stephens 21 V 14 K.Cheetham & R.Lock Burscough RBL
W.Hefferan & C.Hogg Croston Subscription 21 V 16 J.Coupe & D.Hughes Bretherton


Semi-Finalists - Each Losing Pair receives 25

C.Hankin & C.Moore London Hotel 21 V 6 H.Caunce & M.Greenwood Holmeswood
J.Blades & A.Draper London Hotel & Banks St Stephens 21 V 16 W.Hefferan & C.Hogg Croston Subscription


Final - Winning Pair Receives 100 + The Pairs Knockout Shield & Losing Pair receives 60

J.Blades & A.Draper London Hotel & Banks St Stephens 21 V 19 C.Hankin & C.Moore London Hotel


On a mild night in mid October, Carl Hankin & Colin Moore cruised to the final with exceptional leading from Carl with wins of 21-13 & 21-6 on finals night whilst John Blades & Andy Draper had a tougher route to the final with wins of 21-14 & 21-16. In the final, which was a fitting climax to the competition, Carl Hankin continued to lead exceptionally well ably supported by Colin Moore & they lead 17-8 after 13 ends though Andy Draper had fired off the jack 3 times in the early stages to keep his pair in the contest. Then the turning point of the final was at end 14, when Carl & Colin had 2 woods close to the jack which would have taken the game to 19-8 when Andy once again ran the block off the green. At the next end, Carl led with a toucher but unfortunately the jack went off the green. At the next end, the pairing of Andy & John started their comeback by scoring a single which followed with Andy changing to the lead position & started to put up touchers which put pressure on Carl & Colin for the first time all evening, which resulted in Andy & John scoring 13 chalks to their opponent's 2 over the next 9 ends to win the match 21-19 & take the coveted pairs title for the first time on the superb Mawdesley BC green. David Taylor (President) congratulated the winners and runners-up as well as all the prizewinners before presenting the trophy & prizemoney. The League secretary, Keith Robinson, thanked Mawdesley Bowling Club & their members for all their help in hosting the night & for the use of their excellent facilities. He also thanked the organizers & green keepers at all the qualifying venues for all their help & to the competitors for their excellent play & sportsmanship throughout the event.


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