Burscough & Lathom Mens Bowling League

2010 League Pairs Competition Last 8

Finals at Holmeswood BC on Friday 24th September at 6-30pm (Practice from 6pm)

Last 8 - Each Losing Pair receives 15

D.Pritchard & R.Webster Banks St Stephens 21 V 15 J.Anderton & J.Turney Mere Brow
D.Hunter & R.Norris Croston Subscription 21 V 17 N.Noren & A.Wright Mere Brow
E & P.Rimmer Zetland 21 V 20 C.Birchall & I.Grady Mere Brow
G.Pilkington & E.Whitehead Tarleton 21 V 16 R.Jenkins & K.Robinson Banks St Stephens


Semi-Finalists - Each Losing Pair receives 40

D.Pritchard & R.Webster Banks St Stephens 21 V 11 D.Hunter & R.Norris Croston Subscription
E & P.Rimmer Zetland 21 V 19 G.Pilkington & E.Whitehead Tarleton


Final - Winning Pair Receives 110 + The Pairs Knockout Shield & Losing Pair receives 70

D.Pritchard & R.Webster Banks St Stephens 21 V 13 E & P.Rimmer Zetland


Dave Pritchard & Roy Webster (Banks St Stephens) were never troubled & comfortably won the League Pairs Title, this secured Roy a League singles & pairs competition title double which is a feat never achieved before in the league's history. In the final, against the surprise package of the night, father & son pairing of Paul & Eddie Rimmer (Zetland) , it was a nip & tuck affair upto 12 across then Roy got onto his favourite corner mark & had a eight break ably assisted by his partner to lead 20-12 before their opponents could get in with a one. Eddie then lead on his favourite mark, where they had scored a 4 earlier in the match, but they could not repeat this feat as Roy & Dave scored the one they needed to win the match & secure the title for the first time. Earlier in the evening, they had confortable wins of 21-15 & 21-11 to progress to the final. Whilst Paul & Eddie had two really tough matches against the 2008 & one of the 2009 winners. In the last 8 match against Carl Birchall & Ian Grady (Mere Brow) they lead 17-11, before the Mere Brow pairing had a 9 break in the corners to look favourites to progress as the score stood at 20-17 but a bad end by Carl & Ian allowed Paul & Eddie to score 3 to level the game at 20 across. In the final end, Eddie lead across the green but it was Ian who put up a side toucher but Paul with his last wood took the block & Carl collided with a short wood with his last delivery to leave Paul & Eddie with a shock 21-20 win. In their semi-final against Graham Pikington & Eric Whitehead (part of the pairing that won the 2009 title), Paul & Eddie looked like they were going out of the competition as they trailed 10-18 but they fought back with a 8 break to level the game at 18 across. But this looked like it was in vain when Graham & Eric scored one & then at the next end, which turned out to be the "end" of the night, held game with Paul only having one bowl to play but with this bowl he ran the block to score 3 to secure another shock 21-19 win. Stephen Ball (President) congratulated the winners and runners-up as well as all the prizewinners before presenting the trophy & prizemoney. The League secretary, Keith Robinson, thanked Holmeswood BC & their members for all the help in hosting the night & for the use of the excellent facilities.


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