Burscough & Lathom Mens Bowling League

League Pairs Competition Results 2007

Finals held at Burscough RBL BC on Sunday 23rd September

Last 16

D.Hunter/P.Iddon (Croston Subscription / Longton VM) 21 V 13 K & J Robinson (Banks St. Stephens / Holmeswood)
W.Ditchfield/P.Lee (New Longton /Burscough RBL) 21 V 15 B.Rigby/S.McCall (New Longton)
P.Rigby/J.Anderton (Mere Brow) 21 V 04 P.Bryden/R.Jones (Fleetwood Hesketh)
C.Moore/C.Hankin (London Hotel) 21 V 15 J.Mills/M.Forshaw (Burscough RBL)
J.Meadows/H.Groves (Tarleton) 21 V 12 K.Miley/T.Webster (Banks St. Stephens)
A.Wakefield/M.Thompson (Zetland) 21 V 17 T.Morgan/K.Johnson (Tarleton)
J.Berry/J.Cragg (Mere Brow) 21 V 10 W.Neale/J.Birchall (Burscough RBL)
R.Lock/J.Davidson (Burscough RBL) 21 V 19 R.Ryding/W.Hefferan (Banks St.Stephens)


Last 8 - Each Losing Pair receives 15

W.Ditchfield/P.Lee (New Longton /Burscough RBL) 21 V 08 D.Hunter/P.Iddon (Croston Subscription / Longton VM)
C.Moore/C.Hankin (London Hotel) 21 V 20 P.Rigby/J.Anderton (Mere Brow)
A.Wakefield/M.Thompson (Zetland) 21 V 07 J.Meadows/H.Groves (Tarleton)
J.Berry/J.Cragg (Mere Brow) 21 V 15 R.Lock/J.Davidson (Burscough RBL)


Semi-Finalists - Each Losing Pair receives 40

W.Ditchfield/P.Lee (New Longton /Burscough RBL) 21 V 13 C.Moore/C.Hankin (London Hotel)
J.Berry/J.Cragg (Mere Brow) 21 V 17 A.Wakefield/M.Thompson (Zetland)


Final - Winning Pair Receives 100 + The Monro Shield & Losing Pair receives 60

W.Ditchfield/P.Lee (New Longton /Burscough RBL) 21 V 07 J.Berry/J.Cragg (Mere Brow)


By winning the 2007 league pairs competition, Wayne Ditchfield (New Longton) won his second league pairs title & his second league title of the season. Despite giving 3 chalks start to all their opponents, he & his partner, Phil Lee (Burscough RBL) cruised through the final day rounds with wins of 21-15, 21-8 & 21-13. In a one sided final, Phil Lee, using his homester's green knowledge, produced some excellent lead bowls on his favourite 30 to 35 metre marks around the green & was ably supported by Wayne who produced some excellent bowls when required including some pinpoint accurate strikes. This prevented their final opponents, John Berry & John Cragg (Mere Brow), from getting into the game & producing their earlier good form & they cruised to a 21-7 win allowing their opponents to score at only 3 ends. The League & competitors would like to give many thanks to Burscough RBL Bowling Club for the use of their excellent facilities including the superb condition of their green & to their many club members who volunteered to help in the running of this competition, making it a very memorable & successful event. 


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